About Us

Our Vision


Our Vision  

"Our Vision is to see every child learns, grows, flourishes, develops and becomes a global leader"


Our Mission

"Our mission is to promote a safe, happy and dynamic community that nurtures and educates the whole child, providing useful skills necessary to succeed in a competitive society"

Our Aim

"Our aim is to build a generation of  young leaders whose moral values, sense of industry and commitment to selfless service are incomparable."

Our Philosophy

The school's philosophy anchors on the idea of building a future generation of young men and women who believe in the virtues of hard work and sound moral principles. Real Private School, as the name implies, stands for pragmatic education whereby we make conscientious effort to provide educational system that is humane or natural, functional and holistic.

The school is a cynosure of all eyes, a reference point and an educational standpoint in the region.

Our Motto

Our motto is "Service and Power".

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